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There is no better feeling in the world than to empower and inspire other people to live their best lives while they are here in this  lifetime. I speak passionately from the heart on topics such as manifesting, mindfulness, releasing fear, being authentically YOU, learning to trust your intuition (and what is it?), getting your power back, getting out of your comfort zone to create growth, living purposefully with dedication and breaking down barriers and limiting beliefs so you can create lasting change. This is my PASSION, and I love speaking on these topics!

Practically raising myself from the young age of 12, training for the Olympics in competitive swimming for 12 years (4 hrs a day), living in and out of friends homes until 18 and putting myself through college – I know what dedication and perseverance is all about.

Having endured my parents’ divorce and going through my own tough, complicated divorce – I have learned that this was all part of my master plan! Being a single Mom for years, managing a home, full-time (dead-end) office job AND creating my business part-time – I have learned what TO do and what NOT to do. I have learned WHO to be and who NOT to be.

From breaking down my own fears and limiting beliefs to now running a very successful lucrative business, doing what I love to do – I can share my experience and knowledge with others in order to help them overcome challenges and adversity.

I have stories to tell…

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