Meet Serena

I was raised by a strict Catholic Sicilian father and a strict Atheist British mother.   For most of my young life, I had two different viewpoints of the world…there was God who created Adam and Eve and there was Evolution.  Trying to not play a ‘favorite’ side or get into any arguments, I just nodded and kept my thoughts to myself during my upbringing.

I was taught by my Catholic school teachers about Jesus and God and we studied scriptures in the Bible. It was hard for me to believe in any of it because of the influence my mother had on me with her being an Atheist. As a child, I also had many questions such as “if God exists, then why do bad things happen to me?”, and “if God exists, then why does He/She let violence happen to good people?”  Despite my being raised Catholic, for most of my life I had not believed in any religion or faith (with the exception that if there was a God, it definitely would be a SHE ;).  I turned out to be an Atheist, just like my mother.

Fast-forward to my mid thirties - married with two beautiful boys and just going through the motions of Life, I felt as though something was missing - there was a large part of me that just wanted to help others and not work in the 'corporate world' any longer, yet I remained stuck in my usual rut and didn't make a change.  After all, how could I help others if I couldn't hep myself?  I started doing some soul-searching and read a lot of 'self-help' books and made changes where I could on my own.   There was still something missing and it was something very profound.  Longing for external help, I reached out for guidance (something I had not normally done before).  The help I was drawn to seek, weirdly enough, were spiritual Healers and Mediums. I recall spending many “a dollar” seeking advice from the best ones I could find. All seemingly would tell me the same thing – that I had a ‘gift’. One said I would see Aura’s on people (and I do now). The others said I can communicate with Spirit (and I do now). But at the time, I didn’t believe it. I was a total skeptic. I often wondered, “if all of these people are telling me the same thing, then it must be true!” However I kept dismissing it as not true.  So I kept seeking, and seeking and seeking the truth….

I went to a Reiki class one day and the teacher said, “wow, you are like a race horse at the gate, kicking up his feet and ready to race, but the gate is closed!” After the class, I remember she had told me: “this gift you have is buried deep inside and it needs to emerge in order for you to help people.” Help people, I asked to myself? Hmm, maybe she is on to something. So I followed through and finished the course and went on to becoming a Reiki Master. From there many other synchronicities started happening…all were little “nudges” for me follow my Calling.

However still being quite a Skeptic, I was drawn to learn more. I had taken my first Medium class and was blown away by the reality of people, including myself, being able to connect with Spirit – my first-hand experience was mind-blowingly accurate and it hit me like a ton of bricks!  Perhaps there IS something more out there! I started learning from James Van Praagh and watching Teresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium) and all the while, I started believing more and more.

Wanting to learn more about this grand phenomenon, I had taken several courses and received certifications in Mediumship, Psychic Development, Color Therapy, Energy Healing , Mindfulness, Numerology and Coaching. I used my new-found knowledge to help myself break through some of my own barriers and limiting beliefs. I finally had the belief in my gift and courage to start ‘helping others’ professionally several years ago.  Of course, all of this wasn’t without the encouragement I received from my peers, fellow students and teachers.

Today, I talk to so many clients who are struggling in similar manners as I did and are seeking help to get out of their own 'ruts', or who are seeking help to gain more clarity and peace in their lives, whether through my intuitive coaching or readings. Whatever the reason, I would like to help you just as I have been helped.

In the meantime, I continually learn and grow myself too, so I can serve you better!  For regular inspiration and guidance, follow me on Instagram and Facebook.  Keep an eye out for new workshops I will soon be teaching as well as special promotions on some selected services!

I look forward to helping you on your journey.

Namaste ~

Serena Nicole

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