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Thank you so much for your time and energy in our reading, Serena. I was left with such happiness and joy after speaking with you. When you saw my dad "fishing" i knew you had him in your minds eye. That was one of his greatest joys in life.  I can't thank you enough for validating and encouraging me to seek and research what my healing gift may be.  I will begin this quest with determination and love. Continued success to you on your journey as you bring light into others hearts and souls.
Kim Kirby California, US

I purchased the 4 week Coaching package and I received far more than I would have ever expected. Serena was pivotal in helping me grow leaps and bounds in such a short period of time and I will never forget that.  

Renee Sault California, United States

Incredibly intuitive; great experience; quick to address points... doesn't ramble but rather gets to the point and does so with accuracy.

Tia L.

After speaking with Serena today, I feel inspired to continue on my path to healing and personal growth. She answered my 'pressing questions' with ease and I appreciated her insight on how to improve my health and well being to get the best out of life. I am grateful to have connected with Serena and her gifts.

Faith A. B.C., Canada

Thank you Serena for your help in the last 3 months. I was drawn to you for a reason - your coaching and guidance were hugely needed in my life!  Remember you said to me one day "you will finally break free from the chains"? Well, I certainly have! And I couldn't be more excited for my future than I am now.  I will never forget the impact you have made on my life. I will keep in touch always.  Muah!

Barbara C. New York, United States

Cuts right to the chase, really accurate, kind and genuine. Will be calling again. Thank you so much for your wisdom Serena! 

Bianca Rhodes Ohio, United States

I have never had a reading before so I didn't know what to expect or even what to compare it to, but after this experience I am sold! I still can't believe it but a month ago I had a reading from Serena and everything she had told me panned out. One thing she said was that I would Ace my nursing exam and that I would get in the low 90's...and I did!! She seemed to know most things about me, like she was in my head. I truly believe in her gift and recommend her to anyone seeking answers!

Heidi Weise Alberta, Canada

I wanted to say a big "thank you" for supporting me on my new business journey. I always used to doubt my capabilities and skills but you taught me to gain my power back. I am more confident and assured, yet graceful and calm.  One by one, I have tackled my goals and I am on my way to living my dream. I am superwoman! Always grateful for you.

Joan Wright Ontario, Canada

Serena is friendly, insightful and has a truly special gift. I am beyond impressed with a reading I received. Everything she said resonated with my life and who I am as a person. She tuned in immediately with accurate details of my personality and my current situations. To this day, I still tell others how this is the best and most accurate reading I've ever had. I highly recommend Serena and her services to anyone.

Devan S. United States

She was able to dig deep, I mean really deep into my personality and knew things about me know one else knew. Incredible experience for sure! 

Tamara Reid California, United States

I had the pleasure of speaking with Serena a couple of times within the past month and she helped me gain peace of mind by confirming what I've been feeling in my gut all along. Some of her predictions match up with a few of my other trusted advisors so I trust it!! 🙂 She's so sweet and she delivers her messages with grace and sensitivity. She reassured me of what my options were and how my future would look if I went down either path. Thank you so much for your insight Serena!! I'll def. call you back with an update! 🙂

Susan I. United States

I have to say that Serena is one of the best psychics I have ever encountered & I have come across quite a few in my life. I would recommend her with no hesitation to anyone at any time. Very, very good at readings. Lover her. Thank you Serena from the bottom of my heart.

Renae T. United States

I bought the 4 week package from you but then realized after our first session that I needed way more help, lol! Thanks for being so patient! I highly recommend your coaching services to have honestly transformed my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

Julia Hays-Schmidt Florida, United States

Serena is a very gifted reader in all fields offered. I find Serena to be a very kind and compassionate Psychic and Psychic Medium. Serena has a very strong connection with Spirit showing that we can still connect with loved ones after they have passed. When she does any type of reading the sitter always leaves feeling better than when they arrived for the reading.

Aho Small Elk Ontario, Canada

Hi Serena,

The reading you gave was right on, now I know which parts of my life I need to focus more positive energy towards. You have a gift and you need to use it to help others and by doing so fulfill your purpose. Always in my thoughts. Blessings your way.

Nadia D. Ontario, Canada

Serena is a very intuitive and gifted Medium and Reiki practitioner. I received a sense of peace and calm lasting for days after our distance Reiki session. During which, she identified some physical areas of concern, and also relayed some divine messages that are currently helping me live my purpose and heal emotional and physically.

Melissa Macdonald Ontario, Canada

After working with you for the last 3 months I have come to discover that I have a new zest for life. It wasn't just about the business goals for me. I also wanted to find someone who could help me see what I could not see, and I found that in you.  You are so intuitive and kind but you also never let me get away with anything! I appreciated you sticking by my side and showing me that I could actually do this. Thank you so much!

Leanne B. B.C. Canada

I really recommend Serena, I received a reading and I must say, it was pretty spot on. She pointed out a lot of correct things about me. Really had me down to a tee! My personality really matched what Serena had said. Truly Gifted!

Gemma Milne United Kingdom

As a tutor and professional psychic energy medium, It was a pleasure having Serena in my class, How to See and Read Auras. Serena is able to peer inside and has the foresight to know, it is Spirit taking us on the journey inside our Chakra System. She allows Spirit to guide the energy and becomes the Vessel in delivering what Spirit would have you know. An artist in the way she makes you feel at ease, while divulging your inner issues, with compassion, while giving ways to heal and move forward. I highly recommend connecting with Serena.

Solana Tutor for Higher Source International United States

This was my first time calling Serena. She was very calming to speak to and very reassuring. I appreciated the all the insight she gave me when she connected with spirit. It was reassuring to know that my hard work will pay off.

Vanessa United States

Serena is an amazing individual and her spirit is really warming. This was my first reading with her and I will be calling her back!

Jade United States

Serena is really good, she made me feel calm and comfortable,  hopefully everything she told me will pan out!

Marrianna United States

Thank you so much for today’s reading! I just checked my history with you and I contacted you exactly ONE MONTH from today. 🙂 Coincidence? haha Thank you so much for your insight!! I hope my review finds you well! I’ll def be contacting you again for more advice and for an update on your predictions 🙂

Susan C. United States

I was unsure whether I should leave my full time job to focus on my dream. I contacted Serena and she immediately put things into perspective. She solidified what I had been feeling and reassured me that the decision I made was the right decision. I am now moving into the future confident the the decision I made was the only decision I could have made. She helped me focus on what I need to focus on. Amazing Reader!

N. Dragu Ontario, Canada

This was my first reading with Serena and I must say she is amazing. Not only did I feel comfortable talking about my issues but I also felt her love and genuine interest to help me. She was able to help me understand my current situation and gave me suggestions to move forward. Truly gifted. I will be calling her again!

Karen Matthews Ontario, Canada

One of the best psychics I have encountered. She is the main one I go to for advice now a-days. Thank you Serena !

Renae T. United States